1. Returns

In the framework of remote sales to consumers subject to the Law of 14 July 1991, consumers have the right to inform the seller of their wish to cancel the purchase, without justification and without penalty within 14 working days of delivery. After the aforementioned timeframe, the goods are considered sold. In the event the Buyer wishes to make recourse to this right, he/she is required to return all goods in original condition and packaging at his/her own risk and expense to JUST MEL - The Collective. Refunds of the purchase price minus the shipping cost, will be made within 7 days after receiving the goods. 

Goods specifically designed for the Buyer cannot be accepted. In such cases, the Buyer cannot make recourse to any right of renunciation.

2. Right of ownership

All delivered goods, remain the property of the Seller until paid for, including all costs and taxes, interest and fees. In the event of non-payment, we reserve the right to reclaim the goods at the Buyer's expense.

3. Complaints

In order to be admissible, complaints must reach us: (a) in the case of complaints related to non-conformity of deliveries, within 5 days following receipt of the goods, following this strict procedure:

  • Sending pictures of the outside of the box (with visible bar code)
  • Sending picture(s) of the inside of the box (packing material included)
  • Sending picture(s) of the damaged item

and (b) in the case of hidden faults, within eight (8) days following the discovery of the fault or the moment by which time such a discovery could reasonably be expected to have taken place.
 Acceptance of the goods by the Buyer covers every possible fault or non-conformity observable at that time.

4. Warranty

Our warranty is limited to the warranty for hidden faults and the warranty in the case of consumer purchases, as stipulated in the Civil Code.
 We may only be held liable for damage in the event of deliberate act or gross negligence. We are not liable for any indirect damages whatsoever which may have been incurred by the Buyer.

5. Proof

All Parties accept the validity of electronic proof in the framework of their relations (e.g. e-mail, backups, etc.)