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Sushi Platter and Ramekin Set

Sushi Platter and Ramekin Set

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Introducing our exquisite Sushi Platter and Ramekin Set, meticulously handcrafted from premium-quality concrete. Elevate your sushi dining experience with this thoughtfully designed set, crafted to perfection for both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

The platter features two small divots, ideal for housing Wasabi and ginger, ensuring your sushi presentation remains elegant and organized. Additionally, it comes with a removable ramekin, offering flexibility for those with heartier appetites or for accommodating additional condiments.

We prioritize your health and safety, which is why our set is sealed with an eco-friendly coating, complete with an extra antibacterial steri-coat for added hygiene assurance. Cleaning is effortless – a gentle scrub with warm water and mild dish soap will effectively remove any residue, leaving your platter pristine for the next dining occasion. Measuring the following - Platter: 27cm x 23cm and Ramekin: 19.5cm x 9.5cm x 3cm Total Weight: Approximately 1.6kg

Indulge in the art of sushi with our Sushi Platter and Ramekin Set, where craftsmanship meets functionality for an unparalleled dining experience.


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